Since we missed a lot of structured lesson time last week, I thought I’d get a head start on prepping for Week 3. I popped over to Target and stocked up on more flashcards and other goodies. Flash card sets are so awesome and easy to use. If you’re not sure what to cover on any given topic, just pick up a set about what you want to teach and you’ll be on your way. Easy, peasy.

Target’s little teacher section in the front of the store has some smoking deals. These flash card sets are only $1 a piece and cover a wide range of topics. Each set of flash cards has 32 in the box. I highly recommend picking up some of these next time you’re in. I also highly recommend having a laminator handy. Since the cards are so cheap, they are, well cheap. Laminating them ensures that you can use them much longer than otherwise. I laminate everything I possibly can. It prolongs the life of whatever it is, and you can write on them over and over again using dry erase markers!

I have this one I also got at Target.

It was less than 20 bucks and I love it so much. You’ll also need the laminating pouches, which you can get a package of 100 usually around $20 as well.

It may seem superfluous, but it’s totally a worthy investment. Not to mention, there is something oddly zen about the whole process. It’s quite soothing actually. A couple things you MUST know about laminating: 1.  You MUST use the entire pouch and 2. You must place it in the laminator closed side first! If you cut it small to fit something you are laminating it will get jammed in your machine and ruin it. If you put the pouch in the machine with the open side first, you will ruin it.

Trust me, I killed one in this exact fashion. It was devastating. Such a sad, sad day. I tried everything to revive it. Alas, I could not. Luckily, they are pretty cost effective. Here is me using my newest one to prep the flash cards for the week…

While I was grabbing things, I got some handy stickers for rewards and some cork board art that they can put up work they are proud of. Here’s what’s in my box for the week so far…(flash cards, stickers, dry erase markers, math cubes, ABC Fish, Sight Word fish.)

I recommend getting a tub or large tupperware container, basket, and/or box to keep your supplies in for the week’s lessons. It really helps the days go by smoother when everything is prepped and ready to go ahead of time. We all know that their attention spans are abysmal at best. You don’t want to waste precious attention moments having to find things or cut stuff out for a lesson on the spot.

(Lesson plan for week 3 coming soon)


Happy Schooling!



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