Since I was busy hosting and working with an out of town producer, what better way to squeeze in some schooling than a field trip! We took an afternoon and went to the Musical Instrument Museum. If you live near or visit the Phoenix area, I highly recommend stopping by. We only had a couple short hours, but you could spend days here. They have a nifty blue-tooth/location enabled headphone system so when you get near one of the video screens you can hear what is playing. 

They have instruments from all over the globe, from all times and places. It’s super inspiring to me as a music maker, but also as a homeschooler to get ideas about how to make geography, history, and anthropology more engaging for the kids.


My youngest wasn’t really feeling the vibe, which sucks since he was named after Miles Davis, but whatever. I did get the inkling that he just isn’t emotionally connected to anything there quite yet. That gave me some ideas about how I can structure some music lessons at home so that the next time we go, he can feel more familiar. Hopefully, more excited as well.

He was stoked about the guitars at least and found his “favorite”.

Of course the favorite of all was the hands on “Experience Gallery” downstairs.

They have lots of different kinds of instruments, new and old, for everyone to play with.


We had a blast. I highly recommend field trips as often as you can make them. There is nothing like real-world experiences for education enrichment, inspiration, and fun!


Happy Schooling!



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