Creative homeschooling as a creative professional is a necessity. Life often doesn’t flow as planned. It’s a strength I’ve come to learn, as it teaches my children how to better go with the ever changing flow of life. This week I’m in a studio writing intensive with an out of town producer. Therefore, some of last week’s lessons will be carried over because we didn’t get to everything. I’ve also been a bit more realistic about my time schedule for the next few days and so I’ve scaled down the lesson plan for this week. Hopefully we’ll get to all of it. If not, oh well. We homeschool for lots of reasons. The ability to do whatever we please when we please is definitely one of them.

Remember kids are in a perpetual state of learning. If life throws you a curve ball, they are learning life lessons by your example of how you handle said curve balls. Which actually are the most important lessons of them all I think. The most important thing to teach them, in my humble opinion of course, is how to live a life full of passion and to do what excites them most. The only way to do that is to do it yourself.

If you’re too busy to plan structured learning sessions once in a while, remember there are opportunities at every turn to transform any moment into a teaching moment. You don’t always need to have a set plan. Kids are curious. They love to learn. Let them guide you by listening to what they are questioning or paying attention to. There is always a way for you to offer deeper insight, or history, or a lesson no matter what is happening. You might feel silly or annoying pointing out educational aspects of random stuff, but they love it I promise. Sending you lots of love.

Happy schooling!


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