To compliment the oil and water experiment, we talked about solutions. We discussed the terms “soluble & insoluble” and I had them give me examples of things that would or would not dissolve in water. We talked about “saturation” and what happens when the solvent runs out of room for the solute. We also talked about ways to help make solutions including mixing, quantity of solute, heating, and time.

For the experiment, I used two glasses filled with warm water. The youngest wanted to use salt (soluble) and the oldest used oil and food coloring to make “fireworks” (insoluble).

Often times, they get a little resistant to continuous lessons so today I let them color while I prepared the white board for a phonics lesson.

For phonics, we went over short vowel sounds. I had each of them give me examples of words for each sound. Then, I sounded out each word and had the youngest circle the letter that made the vowel sound for each one.

We moved on to the letter “S” and a couple blended sounds. Again, they gave me examples of words for each sound category. he youngest then underlined the letters in each word that made the sound we were focusing on.

Happy Schooling!



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