We started with “Feed the Shark”. I laminated the fish so that we could use the game longer than a day. Also, because they’re laminated, we can use a dry erase marker to write whatever we’d like on the back side. This eliminates the need to make new fish every freakin’ time they want to play this game. I have a large dry erase board and I incorporate the 7 year old’s lessons into the 5 year old’s parts of the game. For example, I had the 7 year old write out the entire alphabet on the white board. Then we used those to choose which letter for the 5 year old to find and “feed” to the shark. I also pretended to be the shark, with my best husky shark voice would say something like “I’m soon hungry. So hungry for the letter___.” or “Oh my, won’t someone please feed me the word____” and choose a sight word for the older child…etc. Silly and fun for all!

They’re both super interested in how plants work. We live in a city high rise building so they don’t get much exposure to nature. They are terrified of bugs. Like terrified. They don’t know it yet, but they’re about to face those fears in the wilderness. It’s almost time for an adventure of that nature. (no pun intended). I digress, I am more horrible with plants than with mandala making. It’s true. So, I opted for the good ‘ole avocado sprout. We’re gonna see how it goes…

I got these nifty little math cubes at Target for like 3 bucks. Super fun to roll and practice addition and subtraction facts. You can do single or double digit numbers. We used markers for the little one who was new to subtraction, so he could count the number then “take away” what was being subtracted. He caught on pretty fast that way.

Anytime it’s a kid’s choice topic, I make sure to throw in a brief lesson of the concepts behind what they’ve chosen. Either we learn definitions, how to spell or write key words, and/or we learn “what makes it work” kinda stuff. To accompany the rocket launch experiment, we talked briefly about Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. Then we did the rocket launch experiment which was a BLAST! 😉

That’s all for now, I will leave you with a quick peek at what is currently in “mom’s box” right now, and an extremely well organized pencil box too! Let’s hope it stays that way. Yeah right…I can dream can’t I?



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