Hi! My name is Penelope and this is my journey with homeschooling, conscious parenting, and yes, mandala making. We are a conscious, music industry family flying by the seat of our pants in the world of parenting and educating our righteous spawn. Our life is eccentric and a little bit crazy, so regular methods and schooling are just not an option for us.

We tried an online school first. It was the best of both worlds! They handled all of the curriculum, but we could do it on our own time. Unfortunately, we found that even though it was flexible, it was still a public school. The standards were rigorous, and the testing ridiculous. My then first grader was already in tears daily hating school. My soon to be kindergartener would also cry not wanting to start school in the fall. I was not a happy camper and couldn’t bear it any more. One particularly terrible day I realized we had to go another way. We don’t do anything else like the “normal” people of the world, so why this?

I pulled my first grader out of school and embarked on a beautifully scenic homeschooling road. My kids immediately shifted. They were happy and excited to learn. They were engaged and I felt a sense of deep fulfillment for providing them this new creative environment. It wasn’t easy at first to know how or what to do, but the online school experience helped a ton. The great benefit of being a learning coach through that process is I was able to understand how to structure lessons for beginning learners. I learned what worked for my kids and what definitely didn’t. Armed with that experience, my own ingenuity and determination, we’re off to a great start!

There is still quite a bit of trial and error, lots of patience, and even more research and prep that goes into it. The rewards are well worth it though. I hope that by documenting my process it will offer inspiration to others wanting to tackle the sometimes overwhelming world of homeschooling. Being a conscious parent is in itself a challenge all it’s own. It involves some interesting perspectives and unique struggles to be overcome. I’ll occasionally be blogging about my failures and triumphs in this arena as well.

The mandala making part was a bit of a happy accident. I had decided on the name of the blog and wanted to make a mandala for the logo. As it happens, I realized I had never made one before. I discovered that the process was meditative, soothing, and oddly expanding. Since my children are starting their own learning adventures, I thought it would be fun to make a weekly mandala and document my own evolution along with them.

So there you have it. Welcome to Mandala Homeschool. I’m so glad you stopped by. If you have any questions, or would just like to say hello, email me at penelope@mandalahomeschool.com